Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Blind Date Sketchcrawl

I had my first internet blind date (not that kind of date) on Saturday. I met up with Nadya from Toronto who I connected with through the flickr Everyday Matters sketch group. She was out here on holidays with her boyfriend. We got together at the Dream Cafe for brunch and then went sketching. It was fun to have someone to swap stories with as we both sat there completely engrossed in what we were doing.
Here's my sketch from our perch on the picnic benches in the Japanese garden...

and here's Nadya's. I love the way her figures really look like they're dancing.
This was one lovely moment in what turned out to be a bizarre collage of a weekend. We had a scary trip to emergency (all's well now), a chilly night camping in the rain up at Twin Lakes, a kabillion hours and three tanks of gas spent driving around looking at real estate and a big wave of excitement as I put an offer in on a very cute little house. I didn't get the house, but it all made for a pretty full weekend.
Today was my day to lead the art class at the Brain Injury Society. I did a bit of a demonstration with some lilacs in watercolour, but most of my time there is spent chatting and coaching them through as they're making decisions about their paintings. They're all such cool and interesting people. The running dialogue is always great, and they end up creating some wonderful images.