Sunday, September 13, 2009

I kept driving past this spot, thinking “That’d be a great place to stop and paint”. I love how the vineyards undulate as they go - It has that great twisted corduroy look to it. This morning we woke up early and we were out of coffee cream. Clearly I HAD to go out. Drive through coffee in hand, I drove up here. I nestled my chair in a the grassy shoulder on a side road, Yogi at my feet, and sketched this. The two towers on the right side are Lakeshore, where we live.

This winery has such a great feel to it. They pipe great 60’s and 70’s music into the vineyards, and are VERY dog friendly. Yogi got treats. So did I - a very nice taste of white - I forget the grape now. See!! That’s why we need to carry wine journals with us! The owner’s name is Prudence (as in Dear) I’ve been humming ‘Ruby Tuesday’ all day. Hey, it IS Tuesday! How fitting. Must have been meant to be.