Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Bound for Carnaval del Sol Arts Market!

Been busily painting in the studio all day getting ready for the upcoming Carnaval del Sol!  It's the city's annual Latin bash, with food, music, dancing and a big arts market.   A little salsa, a little cerveza, and a chance to display my artwork and meet some other like-minded art folk; sounds like a perfect weekend to me. The art booths will set up along Granville Street between Dunsmuir and Nelson.  Come down and visit if you're in the area.  The festival draws 100,000 plus people and should be a total blast! 

It's funny, I had no plan to be part of this event.  It came the same way we always seem to get parking spots.  When we get close to where we're going, especially someplace busy, we ask the Parking Fairy out loud to provide and a spot just seems to magically appear.  It amuses us every time, but we're always careful to say thank you out loud so we don't jinx it for the next time. We were doing a visualization exercise on Monday aft before heading to my friend Trent's birthday party, and I wrote down three things I wanted to draw into my life in the next 30 days.  The first one was to find more places to show and sell my artwork.  In the middle of the party a few hours later I checked my phone.  Lo and behold there was an email out of the blue inviting me to participate in this festival.  Insert Twilight Zone soundtrack here.  I think those 'Secret - Law of Attraction' people might be on to something ;-).  So, thank you Life Fairy.  Will let you all know when the other two things I wrote down appear.