Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dread-Mullet Girl

life drawing june 24 1
Originally uploaded by sketchalinaLife Drawing at the Hermesh House. This model had cool "dread mullet" hair. She had a gypsy, hippie, fruit picker vibe about her that was lovely. I chose watercolour just to push myself to be quicker with it. My mission for the evening was to do more of the drawing in pen rather than pencil, not get all hung up on whether it was 'right' or not, but to be a little more expressive with line. I got a little piece of that, but when we all shared our drawings at the end, I again was blown away by how loose and creative some of the other artists are. Hmmm. I wonder if some of their sketches might just slip into my bag by mistake on the way out the door?! That wouldn't make me a bad person, would it?? ;-)

Seriously, next time? I'm going to loosen up. Promise. More expressive lines, less gripping the pen/brush too tightly. Although, I think there's lots of stuff here that was working for me too. The eyelet was fun. It's always feels good just to be there, playing and in the company of other creative people.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Drawing Demystified

A few pages from the book I'm working on.  The book is called 'On Keeping A Watercolour Sketchbook Journal'.  I'm having great fun making it.  Should be about 20 pages of hand written and illustrated content by the time I'm done.  These three pages make up the section on drawing.  I've just finished the pages on adding colour as well - will upload those sometime soon.