Friday, September 12, 2014

Chalkboard Art at Pandosy Vet

Oh, I had sooo much fun doing these chalkboards. Two spent days up a ladder, listening to my favourite 'music to make art by' playlist (those of you who've had an art adventure with me may be familiar with these playlists), and just noodling.  Heaven.  I climbed the ladder each day without a plan.  I just played, incorporating suggestions from Arnica, the shop owner, elements from the store, and of course images of Yogi and some of my other fave hounds. I did 5 boards in the two days.  My plan was to use chalk ink, but my good old chalk pastels were calling me. They blend so nicely, and these boards were really well prepped and nice to draw on.  And they're up andsafely out of reach of curious hands. 

Their dog treat bar is filled with wonders, many of them herbal.  It's like an organic canine candy counter.  I decided to reference that on their 'specials' board. 

These guys are above the kids play area 


And of course Yogi (who's watching me write this post) 

These cuties populate the board above the pet feed, primarily because they are (or are related to) the animals found inside the cans and bags. The irony of a person who doesn't eat animals who were factory raised drawing cute animals because they will be eaten by cuter animals is not lost on me, but honestly I loved doing this board. And, if anyone cares, my dog is a carnivore. I never put much thought into that. I'd make a terrible activist/politician. 

Here's Molly-Moo, Yog, Laughlin of Pandosy Vet fame, Lulu and Bones. 

You might recognize one of these guys. If not, there's this new thing called the internet you might want to look into. I hear it's really catching on. 

"What r you lookin' at"