Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hello New a Toy ( or the day I fell in love with paper53)

I was out for dinner last night and someone (thank you Tanja Gardner) mentioned paper53; an app you sketch with on your iPad. I was intrigued, mostly because I get so messy using chalk pastel, and I'm always wrestling with big sketch pads and trying to reach my materials without crashing in to the person seated beside me at Dr Sketchy. I downloaded it when I got home and the fun began. First I sketched my feet (like I always tell the people in my workshops to do when they want a simple subject). That was fun. Then on to the hound. Then, ready or not, I headed off to a night of burlesque sketching at Hot Art Wet City.  The model was Georsha Gal, and she was fabulous. Great performance, super playful, and fun costumes for sketching.  I like my new toy.  And look Ma, no mess!  Closed my iPad at the end and walked out clean.   

Oh, and here's the sketch of my feet, for anyone who made it this deep into the post :-)