Saturday, March 31, 2012

Let there be light

Let there be light by sketchalina
Let there be light, a photo by sketchalina on Flickr.
Another peek at the house.  We're having a home day today; Greg watching sports on the tube, me sketching between bouts of hula hooping in the backyard (my new workout fave) and Yogi nestling into the carpet, happy to have everyone home.

After months of nesting, we actually went out last night.  Dinner at Luke's on Granville Street, then off to the Stanley Theatre for a production of Oscar Wilde's "The Importance Of Being Ernest".  The theatre there itself is reason enough to go, and the play didn't dissapoint.  I'm always wowed by how performers absorb SO much dialogue, and then deliver it as if it was completely fresh night after night. Great job.  I love live theatre.  Must do more of that.

Monday, March 5, 2012

The House Tour Continues...

A little peek into the kitchen. I did a mad rush cleaning job throughout the house today. I was out walking Yogi this morning when I got a phone call. A location scout wanted to come by and photograph the house. He thought it might be a perfect fit for a tv pilot they're shooting later this month. How cool is that!? I did this sketch tonight, after a night at the movies with the store crew
It's fun for me to see what details land in a sketch view. In this one we see a painting of the Miranda Lamp I did during the 'every day in may' sketchathon a couple of years ago. Next to that is my all-time favourite photo. It's a circa 1969 snapshot of my brother Mike and I on my first day of school. Our old Plymouth Fury is in the background, and I'm wearing white knee socks and an acid green flower power dress. Groovy, no? Hard to believe he's turning 50 in two weeks. The pic in the third frame on the ubiquitous Ikea storage unit is of Austin, age 4, perched on a rock, threading his fingers through the seawater at Gibsons Landing . The funky wood furniture piece is from my old 'Eclectic Castle' store, as is the iron sconce hanging above it. There's a photo of Yogi hanging below the candles. It appeared in our house magically one day. I came home from work and there it was, staring up at me, floppy ears, big brown eyes, pink tongue hanging out, a little prezzy from our dog walker. You can't see it very well here. Our trophy we won at the last Chatters conference (highest same store sales increase nation wide!) is sitting in front of it. The chandelier painting was left here by the previous owners. It's covering the not so attractive alarm key pad. On top of the kichen cabs you get a peek at the bowl I haggled hard for at the Mercado at Rio Cuale in PV a few months ago. Happy memories. I sat and sketched that market a few years ago. It's such a cool spot. All little bits and pieces of memories. That's been one of the best parts about having this house. We're finally able to settle in somewhere; unfold all the goodies we've been gathering up and lugging around along the way.
I'm still so totally in love with this house. Yay.
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