Tuesday, April 15, 2014

BIMPE Mini Print Goodies

Water St Time, Linocut w watercolour
Image 4x6 Paper 8x10

Mt Pleasant Time, Linocut w watercolour
Image 4x6 Paper 8x10caption
 These may look like regular grown up prints, but they're just little guys.  The images are 4x6".  I did them to submit to  BIMPE (Biennial International Miniature Print Exhibition).  It was tricky working small! But fun.

The top one is the steam clock in Gastown.  I have such clear memories of field trips here when I was in elementary school, learning about Gassy Jack and the birth of our city.  We thought it was so cool to go to "Blood Alley"  Livin' on the edge.  One of my first jobs downtown, answering phones at the Jerry Lodge Model and Talent Agency, was a stones throw from this clock, and Zientte, where my black and white prints are sold, is about a block from here.  There is always at least one tourist standing under the clock having their picture taken.  I had to jostle for position to get this angle.

The other clock is in my hood, just a short walk from the house.  I drive past it every day, and have been eyeing it for subject matter for a while.  It sits right in a nest of some of our fave local restaurants.  I wrote a little guide for the people who come and stay in our house about all the cool little spots within walking distance.  The list is LONG!  People love it, and always rave about the restaurant/pub/cafe selection included in it.

After all the traveling and drawing strange and interesting locations I've been doing lately it's kind of fun to settle in and capture a couple of scenes that are so much a part of my real life.  My bags are all unpacked and put away, the jet lag is long gone, and I've stopped saying the word "here" after I ask people what time it is.  Guess that means I'm back.
Water St Time, Linocut
Image 4x6 Paper 8x10