Saturday, January 31, 2009

16 Things About Me (or how I was tagged)

I was tagged recently by the lovely 'Fiddlestix' from my flickr world.  I have to post a photo of myself and 16 things about me.

Here goes:
  1. I love to play my guitar and sing.  I'm not amazing, but the people who love me like it
  2. I have a beautiful son, 19 now, who's away at University
  3. I live in the mountains with my man (who I love).  This is us at the Salvia in Cancun earlier this month.  There's a sketch of that rock behind us here on this blog that I painted from this deck.  That's the wind blowing us around; not some weird style requiring copious amounts of hair product and styling tools!
  4. I like it here on the mountain, but I miss the city life.  I suspect we'll move back in the spring
  5. I have a birthmark on my calf that is exactly the shape of Italy
  6. I think it's a sign.  There it is in this old sketch from my PV book
  7. I love Indigo Girls music
  8. I've done a few triathlons
  9. I was a cheerleader in high school.  Don't tell anyone
  10. I speak Spanish pretty well and just enough French to get into trouble.  I've done language immersion courses in France and in Puebla, Mexico, and have lived and worked in Mexico a couple of times and in Quebec for a little bit.  I like studying language.  There are loads of good language learning podcasts on my iPhone that I listen to when I'm at the gym or in my car  
  11. I was a regular on a TV exercise show a million years ago.  I was one of the girls in the back row.  Kind of a throw back to my cheerleading days I suppose
  12. I've been married
  13. Twice
  14. I have a cat named Truman.  He's trying to sit on my hands right now as I type
  15. I graduated from design school.  That's where I developed an interest in art and rendering
  16. I'm a bit of a Scrabble addict.  My mom is my favorite challenger
Bonus item: We have hair salons and beauty stores that sell copious amounts of hair product and styling tools. ;-)

Thanks for asking, My Fiddlestix!  Sorry it took me so long to respond.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

There's No Place Like Home!

I had so much fun making this book on our trip.  It's kind of nice to be home now though.  If you want to read the text just click on the page - it'll open up bigger.  
Things I'm looking forward to now that I'm home:
  • Seeing my son and my mom and dad (missed them)
  • Using our theatre tickets 
  • Going to life drawing on Wednesday
  • Oddly enough, going grocery shopping and eating at home - it was one day too many at the all inclusive buffet

And even more Cancun/Playa Sketchbook

Friday, January 9, 2009

More Cancun/Playa Sketchbook

Cancun/Playa Sketchbook

Here are the first few sketches from our trip.  We're one week into it and having a great time.  

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Day

New Years Day
Originally uploaded by sketchalina
Here's the first sketch of the year. Tomorrow night we're off to Cancun, then Playa del Carmen, and finally to the Barcelo Beach Resort for Greg's niece's wedding. I'm so pumped to get back to Mexico - haven't been there since I loaded up my Blazer in Penasco one sad day and moved back to Canada. My Spanish is rusty and my skin is pasty white, but I'm ready to slip back into 'Carolina' mode for a couple of weeks. Yahoo!

We had a nice little gathering for New Year's last night. Rob and Mary Ellen came up, and we had 3 generations of FIshers here. We talked a bit about what the highlights of 08 were for each of us, and what we want to create in 09. I don't have a laundry list of 'must do's', but I do know that my intention is to fill my year with the things that are most important to me: creativity, courage, adventure and love - in whatever form that takes.