Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pirates and Canucks

Ahrrr matey.  There's something about a black and white striped top that screams pirate, especially with swashbuckler boots.  Maybe the only things missing from this outfit are the eye patch and the parrot, but I felt great in it all day.  We were hauling boxes in and out of storage at the store, and these boots, already twice revived by the cobbler, are remarkably comfy.  The choker is from a very cool little store that used to be (maybe still is) on Ellis, just off of Bernard in Kelowna.  The gafas are my new 'lucky brand' frames that I bought online.  The handbag was a gift from one of our suppliers (OPI, where the 'chick flick cherry' nail polish came from).  Both the sweater and the capri's are about one million years old.  I'm thinking they were Winners finds, but honestly I don't really remember.

Today, Game 7 day, I will be wearing blue and cheering on our 'Nucks' to Stanley Cup victory from a Yaletown bar with some friends.  This cup run has been the biggest wave of city spirit to ever hit Vancouver, definitely more than the Olympics, and maybe even more than Expo.  Crazy.  And we're right in the heart of it.  I can hear the roar from the stadium and the streets as I watch the goals on TV.  The parade up our street after each game, home or away, is unbelievable.  And it's all just been a warm-up for tonight.  Should be interesting.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

New Style Obsessions

I have a few new obsessions lately.  One of them is work, which is why it's been SOOOO long since I posted (thanks, Hap, for the nudge).  I'm spending seven days a week in our stores right now, hiring, training new staff, etc.  I'm in the mall before it opens and there usually until after close.  I know it's temporary, and the days are actually pretty fun.  We're in the beauty industry, so things are pretty, and the new staff are all great people to pass time with.  I spend so much time now in consumer/fashion land, and that's led to my other new obsessions: painting my fingers and toes (means I'll chill out and stay still while they dry, plus nail polish is one of our best selling items so it makes sense to 'be polished'), fashion blogs that I cruise while waiting for my nails to dry ( and are two of my faves), and buying funky eyewear online (,  good deals). 
So, that's where I've been; in a mall, living off of starbucks coffee and food court fare.  I squint in direct sunlight and know every word to the top 40 songs that play over and over on our instore music system.  The new staff is almost trained though, and there's a light at the end of the tunnel.  Two, actually.  At the end of August I'll be heading off with 499 other industry folk to a conference in Cancun, and two weeks later I'm taking my beautiful mom on a one week cruise to Alaska.  Paint bag will be joining me on both trips.  And maybe a few bottles of nail polish as well.