Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Danger Doll at Dr Sketchy, and some good art reads

Fun session at Hot Art Wet City last night. Our model Danger Doll was from New York and creates amazing costumes. Performance was lovely. Glad I went. 
These are 10-15 minute poses. It always feels like a bit of a race, like 'come on, get the colour going, time's running out!!' running through my head. Not sure if that's a motivator or a distracter.

I've been reading Emily Carr's autobiography 'Growing Pains'. She had some inspiring things to say about drawing from life models that helped me get my butt out the door and to the session. Thanks Emily ;-). It's a worthwhile read for sure. So was 'Grande Dames of the Cariboo' by Julie Fowler. I got to know Julie when I attended the Toni Onley project in Wells a few years ago. She was writing the book at the time, and I stumbled on a copy in a shop on Main a while ago. I finally pulled it out and read it last week. It follows the lives of Cariboo artists Sonia Cornwall and Vivien Cowan. Joseph Plaskett appears, as do other Canadian art greats. It was really wonderful. Made me want to fill my car with art supplies and head off on an adventure, but then what doesn't make me feel like that?

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Taphouse Chalk Boards

A girl can build up a mighty big thirst doing this kind of work. I'm really enjoying doing these chalkboards in the comfort of my studio.  These are for the Taphouse in Surrey. It's a very cool bar (and soon to be even cooler with the addition of these boards ;-). Stop by for a drink to check them out. And a pickle. And a personal poutine.  You know you want to. 
I did some printing today as well.  Here's a look at the studio as I was leaving at the end of the day. 
Busy place. I'm loving it. Stop by!  No pickles or poutine though. 
A couple of other art news tidbits. I've had work accepted to a few very cool juried shows this summer. I'll be in Animal Farm at Citygate in July, in the Small Smaller Smallest show at the Federation Gallery in june, and in Re-semblance at the Ferry Building Gallery in June/July. I'll be doing the Harmony Arts Festival Arts Market again this year, and I also just found out I'll be part of the Toni Onley project in Wells this summer as well. 10 days of total art immersion with 2 amazing mentors while tent camping in the most amazing setting ever. Busy summer!  Just the way I like it ;-)