Saturday, November 14, 2009

I spent a chunk of the day at Coles Book Store in Cherry Lane Mall signing copies of my book. It was great. I sold a some books, met some great people, and got a little sketching done to boot! If you missed it, I’m there again tomorrow, and at Mosaic Books in Kelowna in early December.

As I’m sitting in Coles Book Store, our Grand Re-Opening of our Chatters Salon is happening next door. We’ve been giving free cuts all day to raise money for a new CT Scan at the hospital here in town. There was a huge line up by the time we opened the doors at nine, and it’s been building ever since. The wait is a couple/few hours, and people are waiting. The stylists have been handling it like champions; quick pace but still doing great work. Lots of happy people (with great new hair!) are walking out of here today. The stylists are coming out into the mall common to catch a quick break. We have 8 chairs at this salon, and 10 stylists today, and they’re in constant motion. Go team! We ended up pulling in over $1,000 in donations.