Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Sketch Date ("What's Cookin'?)

My Cookbook Shelf

Met up with Diana, Mary-Ellen and Miss Lily for a Sketch Date today. We started at Smith and Co., but ended up back at our place before the sketchbooks even came out. We had a great afternoon, in spite of Yogi wanting to be up in everyone's lap (he's 75 pounds now) and eat our pencils. I didn't get a shot of Diana's drawing before she left, but here's mine, Lily's and M.E.'s.

Miss Lily's sketch
Mary-Ellen's sketch

November Sketch Crawl

Went out on the last sketch crawl in Penticton. There were 6 of us, and we met up at the Penticton Art Gallery. The first sketch happened there, and then the chill set in and we headed to Fibonacci's to do a little inside sketch crawling. Twas lovely, and nice to spend some time with other people doing something creative. I haven't drawn a thing since, and this was months ago! Hmmm, time to get out and practice what I preach. I'm meeting up with Diana and Mary-Ellen this aft, probably at the Cannery, for a little sketch/drink coffee session.

Below are the sketches from my fellow November Crawlers:

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Seeing the world around you


Western News Staff

Watercolour sketching

might just be easier

than you think

Thanks Steve Kidd for the article in this Friday's paper. To read the article go to

I have to confess I've been so absorbed in work over the past several weeks that I haven't been sketching ONCE! Time to take my own advice.