Sunday, August 26, 2012

Camping at the Westin Grand

 The ganas to sketch, which has been eluding me lately, finally struck while we're away from home without any art toys at hand.  A quick stroll down the street to buy a sketchbook and some pencil crayons, and here I am, perched in the window of the Westin Grand, catching the last rays of daylight hitting the roof of the Hotel Vancouver.  
We're staying here courtesy of the production company filming a TV commercial on our front porch at the moment.   They've been there for a few days prepping. They built a very cool facade of character homes like ours, laid down some grass and a faux sidewalk, strung up a traffic light, and voila!  Our 4 way stop is now a T-intersection.  Total transformation.  Cool things will happen to that facade, but I believe at the moment we're supposed to keep a lid on the details.  More to come later.
It's been a busy household here this summer.  We've had non-stop house-guests since mid-April, and still do.  Mostly family moving back from Mexico one at a time.  It's been good fun; getting them settled, exploring Vancouver, feasting, biking, playing tennis and having a few side-trips and adventures along the way.  Soon they'll all be tucked into their lovely new digs in Whistler, and we can start spending ALL those hosting credits we've been building up all spring/summer!