Sunday, April 8, 2012

Pink Bikes, Sunshine and Little Chicks

It's Spring, full on.  We rode our bikes to Main Street and had breakfast sitting in the sunshine at an outdoor table.  That's a first for the season.  I've got the pink cruiser bike on the road.  It belonged to my 83 yr old Mom, who just last year decided she wasn't going to use it any more and let me take it home to live out its days at our house.  I've always coveted the pink bike, possibly not so subtly.  Thanks Mom.  I'll make sure I put it to good use.

The address tiles on the front of the house came from the market in Bucerias.  We were there a few weeks ago; a sneak trip to surprise my brother Mike who lives there.  It was his 50th birthday, and one by one, the three of us siblings who don't live there showed up to surprise him.  We had a rocking party in his back yard, lots of music, old friends from our first arrival in Vallarta, and from our time living in Puerto Penasco.  One of his friends brought him some young chicks for his birthday.  No need to eyeroll at my use of the word, they're the kind of chicks that grow up to lay eggs.  When we first moved to Vallarta 10 years ago (oh my god, is it really that long ago?!  Yup.) we used to describe certain neighbourhoods as 'chicken-dog land'.  Now we are one ;-).  

Day one the bets began.  To understand, my brother's yard is rife with perils; a golden doodle, a swimming pool, a lovely but incredibly feisty (and occasionally naughty) 5 year old.  The odds were not with the chickens making it to egg laying age.  My brother was adamant.  "I'll be eating an omelet from these chicken, even if it has to be a chicken omelet".  

Day two - chickens found a foot under water in the pool. "I just wanted to see if they could swim" insists Maddi

Day three - chickens found out on the street.  They apparently are smaller than the openings in the chicken wire.  How they got through the solid concrete walls surrounding the property I don't know.  

Day four - We leave.  I don't hear what happens to the chicks after this point, but I hear that they're gone and new ones are dropped off at the house.  

Good luck, little chickens!  Here's hoping that next time we visit we're offered an omelet; a veggie omelet.