Thursday, July 2, 2009

Canada Day Air Show and Fireworks

It's Todd's birthday today, but we celebrated yesterday, Canada Day, with a big BBQ at our place.  We had about 18 people for dinner.  Right after we ate, this fantastic little air show appeared right in front of us!  (Just like we planned.  Happy Birthday Todd ;-).  We watched from the deck, then went down to watch the fireworks from the beach.  The people are just starting to gather in this pic.  By the time we went down it was shoulder to shoulder.  Drunk teens, cops, families, jugglers, the entire cast, most with flags or glow in the dark rings around their necks.  The pyrotechnics were a bit weak.  I just kept looking at them thinking 'how would i capture that in my sketchbook?'  At the end Miss Lily (6) looked up and said 'is that it?'  If you can't impress a 6 year old, you're not that impressive.  But, fun was had by all.

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