Friday, August 14, 2009

Almost There!

A couple more pages from my 'On Keeping a Watercolour Sketchbook Journal' project.  It's all done now, except for assembling the examples and a bit of lettering on the final page.  Now I just have to get it all properly scanned and printed.  I also need to get my website set up and functioning, since the  address is in the book.  In ink.  No turning back.

I've asked some of my favorite sketchbook artists to let me use one of their sketches in the example section, and pretty much all of them have come back with a yes!  Thank-you all!  Just seeing what other people are doing in their journals is always motivating, and these particular people and journals are, well you just have to see them.  


Gill M said...

Oh, this looks as if it is going to be wonderful. Will it be a 'hard copy' book or an ebook? I would love to help you promote it on the Journal Craft site.

Sketchalina said...

Gill, I just had a good look at the Journal Craft site. Wow! I'd love to include your web address in the 'cool resources' section of the book. There's so much there for all of us who love making journals (and I'm beginning to figure out there are lots of us!).My book will be 'hard copy', soft cover, coil bound to have a sketchbook look and feel to it. I'd love to connect with you about having it on your site. I'll let you know when it's in production.

Sandy said...

Oh how exciting this is - Your pages have revved by juices to try some new things - Fabulous idea and I cant'wait to get a copy and maybe several for friends!!!

Anita Davies said...

Be sure to let me know when you've published won't you and thank you so much for the inclusion.