Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Más Els Igols and a Good Start

Well I've made it to my residency at Mas Els Egols. I'm sitting in a sun filled kitchen while one of my new roomies resurrects an old Bialetti coffee maker we found here. This region is beautiful, with little villages and endless vineyards and olive groves. I arrived Sunday and was swept up with our hosts to go to a pizza party on their friend's land up the road. What a great welcome. Their friends, a couple from San Francisco, bought a vineyard and are planting lavender fields as well. There's no house on the property (unless you count the adorable tree house all the kids were playing in) but they'd built a beautiful outdoor kitchen/eating area with a big bbq and a wood pizza oven. Those are some excellent priorities. When I arrived the kids were all rolling out pizza dough and building their masterpieces. There were 5 or 6 families from all over the place. The kids all spoke several languages and were jumping back and forth.  They speak more Catalan than Castillian Spanish here, which does not help our friend carol very much, but it's interesting. 
The residency house is great. We're nestled into a vineyard. There's a shared kitchen/eating area with four rooms leading off in different directions, each with its own bath. Two other artists have arrived now; Moises from the Dominican Republic and Candice from Boston. There's one more arriving in the next day or so. We have four big studio spaces to share with high ceilings and great natural light. We had a good communal dinner last night. I have a feeling we're in for a good month here together. 

Here's the view from the studio

and a couple of the pieces I'm working on ...
I realize I've posted nothing from Barcelona. I have a half written post that il resurrect to fill in the gap. It's not like nothing happened there. What an incredible city. 
Details to come. 

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