Friday, November 19, 2010

Art Show Opening Tonight!

If you happen to be in the Penticton area come by and check out our show!  This is such a fun group, and quite varied.  I was at the Leir House last night while Glenn, George and Paul were hanging the show, and it's a really interesting range of work.  I submitted three lino cuts done from my plein aire sketches into the show.  A bit of a stretch on the plein air theme, but I'm happy with them.  I did them at Laura Widmer's studio.  Laura is a wonderful print maker I met in Wells this summer.  Check out her work here.  She has a beautiful old press in her garage.  I took seven lino plates up with me, and we bundled up and spent a chilly day pulling prints.  Thanks for the help Laura!  The ones in the show are all images of Apex.  I'll post some photos after the show.



Jeremy said...

Shoot, I'm sorry to miss this opening -- we'll be in Kelowna tonight. But I'll definitely check out the show over the next couple of weeks.

I don't know if you're interested, but I've got a show coming up too -- Sharon Clarke-Haugli and I are sharing the upstairs gallery at Red Rooster, and the opening is Dec.5 from 1-4pm. I've composed a suite of songs for string quartet that we'll perform at 2pm to spice things up.

Sketchalina said...

Hi Jeremy. I saw a notice about your opening and was hoping I'd be able to go. I'm at a function in Vancouver the night before, but will try to make it back. Especially now that I know about the string quartet! I'm a new mandolin player, and anything 'string' will get me out nowadays.

travelingsuep said...

Home it all goes well. I look forward to the photos.

travelingsuep said...

Sorry I'm behind on following blogs, I just saw this was last Friday.... I hope it went well!