Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Hood

Braved the February chill this morning and sat at the end of our block to capture this view.  I've been in Vancouver pretty much full time since November.  We took a townhouse in Yaletown, which is about equidistant between our two stores down here.  Life has been a circuit of work, dog-walk, sleep.  I keep walking past all these great sketching sites every morning, afternoon and night when I take Yogi out to the puppy park and 'poopy island' (the giant grassy median one block over from here).  Every day I walk past something and think "this'd be a good place to sketch", and somehow three months have rolled by without taking the time.  We just planned a trip to Zihuatanejo, so I thought it was time to get out my bag and get the sketch brain going.

This spot is a busy one.  I'm sitting at the T intersection of Beatty and Nelson.  There are bikes, dogs, one million cars and busses, several passers-by, and one lady asking directions to Expo Boulevard.  Traffic is racing past my toes, headed onto the Cambie Street Bridge via Nelson.  Our townhouse is on the left here, obscured by the cars and trees, and that's the lovely Sun Tower Building at the far end of Beatty, on the right.


Carol said...

Love it! Thanks for the inspiration!

hap said...

Glad to see you posting again! I came to your blog last year...following a friend's referral to Youtube to see your watercolor journal sketchbook video (LOVED it!) My Daughter and I made several of them and I've been keeping an eye on your blog since then...was worried you'd given up, and so glad to find that you're still "functional". Sad to know of your loss, we just went through the same thing last month with my Mother in law...it takes time to get your breath back. Looking forward to seeing more of your posts!!

Sue Pownall said...

Missed your posts, but what a comeback. Great sketch!!!