Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Life (Changing) Sentence!?

My new scanner is very blurry, so here's the text..

My model buddy lisa invited me out to a runway show for Vancouver's Eco-Fashion Week.  "It's fashion-y" she said. "Wear heels."  I wore this great little wool strapless Kenzie dress and vintage choker from my sister's closet.  The dress has an empire waist, front pleat and pockets.  I love pockets!  Then for the shoes.  I was deciding between these fantastic 4 1/2" slingbacks and my comfy stack-heeled everyday boots.

And then, from seemingly nowhere, the little voice in my head piped up and said "It's February, and you're forty-seven".  I zipped up the boots.  The show was great.  I loved Nicole Bridger (

Still not talking to the voice in my head though.


Sue Pownall said...

Priceless! I often stop talking to the voice in my head too, although when I bought the killer heels I wish it had spoken up.

Great illustration.

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

The voice in my head... had me wearing flip flops today (my FAVORITE sorta shoe)... the last pair of 'heels' I owned I wore to my only daughter's wedding... her oldest daughter is 13 years old, and they waited 5 years to have kids... so 18 years ago was the last time I wore heels... no regrets... none at all

Sandy said...

Oh la la - tres chic!! and a fantastic sketch - I have missed your sketches (and just yesterday pulled out your "how to keep a sketchbook" book - It is still the BEST!

Kris Wiltse said...

Neat page! I bet the the outfit with boots was a knock out.