Sunday, March 6, 2011

Airborn Otra Vez

Yahoo!  We're in Zihuatanejo.  We're visiting my brother Rob who comes down here to work 5 months a year.  We arrived at 7pm last night.  I had a good laugh leaving the airport.  In Canada, we choose to to put a big grizzly in a mountie suit at the airport.  In Zihuat, just outside the airport, there's a giant bottle of Corona, and standing right beside is an enormous sand sculpture of a bucket of Coronas.  Interesante.

We decompressed for a bit, inspired by the airport art, having a few cervezas, then saddled up and walked into town for some dinner.  We went to Hija del Capitan for some amazing camarones coco.  We met some of Rob's local friends and I got to torture some locals with my rusty spanish.  Zihat has such a cool feel.  I'm in love with it already.

Text says: March 5th.  Took the skytrain early this morning to meet jGreg at YVR and catch a flight to Zihautanejo/.  I cannot wait to get my winter white toes in some sand/.  We're early, thanks to Greg's 6 am flight in from Penticton/  I had planned to use the time to sketch the magnificent Bill Reid sculpture here in International Departures, but for some reason settled here instead/.  Interesting choice, the bear in the mountie suit/.  I wonder what the designers were trying to say.  "Thanks for visiting our country.  Come back soon/  We have grizzlies, and they're helpful and friendly!"

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