Thursday, March 10, 2011

Club Intrawest Zihuatanejo

Spent the day at the Club. My brother Rob has been coming down here for the past three winters working at the club doing member updates. It's a beautiful place; everything I always thought it would be. I worked for this company for many years as a sales person, coach, manager and sales director. I've worked in Whistler, Vancouver, Mont Tremblant in Quebec, Blue Mountain Ontario and San Destin Florida. Every location has its charms. This site was just being finished when I last worked there. Maybe club locations are like seasons; my favourite one always seems to be the one I'm in at the moment, but it certainly seems to me that this'd have to be the winner.

We helped clean up after the tequila tasting event for members at the club (interpret that as you will, there were no mops or rags involved), then left the club and went to Don Memo's for dinner. It's the domed building I sketched the day before. Good food, fun spot, Memo is super friendly. Everyone wants to tell me how much they love my hermano; what a big heart he has. I know, but it's nice to hear it.

We left Memos, then stopped at the bar underneath La Hija del Capitan. There were some really good local musicians there. One of them was a guy my brother knows named Eric who made a guitar sound very different than we do. He also has a good gritty singing voice. Greg and Rob decided it was a good time to see if the chipotle burgers were as good downstairs as they are upstairs at La Hija. Well boys, it's the same kitchen. I couldn't even look at the burger after our feast at Don Memo, but they wolfed it down, and yes, it was apparently as good. We stumbled home, full and happy. Yay Zihaut.
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