Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Restaurante don Memo

We went by bike and scooter to one of Rob's favourite breakfast places, then he left for work and Greg and I wandered the streets.  There are so many cool little vistas here.  We picked this spot partly because the building is so cool, and partly because there was a lovely little cafe from which to view it.  Comfort first.  The building is Restaurante Don Memo, which apparently is a good local eatery.  Our plan today is to hang out at Club Intrawest, then come here for dinner.

Yesterday we roamed the streets in search of a good burger/cerveza joint (when in Rome...) and settled on one of the beach restaurants.  When Rob finished work he picked me up on the scooter and we went in search of a book store.  I wanted to find some little novels in spanish so I could work on my reading skills.  We drove all over town and ended up at a little book shop about 2 minutes from our beach hangout.  I got two books that are just about the right speed for me.  Afterwards we took a cab to Ixtapa to go check out the marina.  We ended up walking the length of the beach there, then coming back to Zihat for what was probably one of the best meals I've ever eaten.  The restaurant is called Espuma, and if you consider yourself a foodie and you happen to have a little cash or some airmile points, get yourself on a plane immediately and see for yourself.  Not only is the food completely mind-blowing, but the view/decor/atmosphere is at the top of the world.  I'm thinking I may find some time to go back there and sketch before we leave.


hap said...

Would you mind sharing what pigments are in your travel palette? You're doing a great job with amazing colors!!

shirley said...

I LOVE this series of paintings - the colors are gorgeous and probably very representative of what you are seeing and feeling.
i hope there are more.

Sketchalina said...

Thanks, and yes, there'll definitely be more! Hap, my palette notes are back home in Canada. I'll be happy to dig them out when I get there and share them with you.

hap said...

Thanks! Whatever they are, you are doing a magnificent job of mixing with them!!