Monday, September 12, 2011

Goodbye Z

Okay, I'm totally cheating.  I sketched this months ago.  In fact, I've done a whole trip to mexico since I sketched this.  I got a nudge from a reader (thanks Hap) who pointed out how long it's been since I posted, so here's one to get me rolling again.

It's been anti-technology month for me.  My email got hijacked, my internet at home went down, my computer broke and I left my camera charger behind on a trip.  Do you think something was telling me I needed to disconnect for a bit?  This last trip to Cancun, I spent three days at a conference for work, then 5 days chilling with an old girlfriend, reading, paddling and drifting in the water, walking dogs, napping.  No email to check.  No reports to read.  No fires to put out.  It was like going to the chiro and getting my spine adjusted.  And now, email accounts fixed, passwords updated, chargers replaced and computers functioning, and the cute cable guy (why are they all cute) just left leaving me with a restored portal to the wide world of web.

I'm back.


Cyberdave said...

Strange month for you eh!.. LOL
I see you took it all in stride and survived. :-)


hap said...

GLAD to see you back! I enjoy your travelogs as well as your art! Aren't you glad that you have folks who enjoy seeing your work! Thanks for checking back in!! Now...if I could only paint as well as you!! :-)

debra morris said...

Great work, hope all's well now. Glad you're back

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

We missed you... your trip to Mexico sounds fabulous... Glad you're back, I love looking at your drawings, and find your pages so inspiring.

Sue Pownall said...

yeah great to have you back whenever the sketch was done. It's fab!

Your trip sounds great. I so can relate to being without technology for a while, though it is great to reconnect too.