Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Carol Goes To The Musée

After a six month shopping hiatus (see 'start of nothing new' post) I cracked. Right before our France trip I went out and bought a series of dresses that I referred to as the 'Carol Goes To The Musée' dresses.  I just rotated these dresses pretty much the whole month I was away and always felt comfy and fashionable.  And I kept getting asked for directions so I think they must have been fairly 'location-appropriate'

I've been carving complicated Vancouver scenes on Lino blocks this past week getting ready for my show, but suddenly last night got the urge to do something simpler. I did this quick, basic sketch of the dresses directly on a block with a sharpie pen.

Writing backwards was fun.  I've got it all carved out now.  When my ink arrives I'll print and post the results. 

Funny, when I went to my college reunion last week I had a conversation with a classmate (Hi Pam) who told me about a book called "Lessons From Madame Chic: 20 Style Secrets I Learned While Living In Paris" by Jennifer L. Scott.  The writer keeps a blog too, and on it she extols the virtues of what she refers to as the 'capsule wardrobe' - keeping a seasonal wardrobe of only 10 items to simplify life and keep you effortlessly stylish. It made me think about how much easier it was getting dressed from a suitcase than it is from my bulging wardrobe, pressure-packed into my heritage house-sized closets. She might be onto something there.  

Now as I've been writing my shipment of ink and printmaking paper has arrived from Curry's online art supply store!  Time to go play. 

Ciao for now, or as my dresses would say, 'à tout à l'heure'.

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