Tuesday, February 3, 2015

My Weekend at Grandmas

I've spent the past few days at moms (you'll call your mom grandma after you have kids too), hiding out with a stack of prints to paint. I leave for Spain in two weeks less a day, and will be featured in two shows here in Vancouver while I'm gone. I wanted to leave enough finished pieces that any purchasers could get what they want without waiting for me to come back. One of the shows is the Federation of Canadian Artists Annual Landscape Show. It's my first show as part of the federation and I'm  super excited to have been accepted. There's a pretty stiff jurying process to get in their shows. The other show, Urban Echoes, is a printmaking show at the Firehall Theatre. It's a four artist show, and one of the artists is my favourite printmaker and the person I took my first printmaking workshop with. I wish I could be at the openings, but being stuck on a vineyard in Spain with a printmaking studio at my disposal is sweet consolation. 

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Jeffrey Willius said...

Congratulations on your TWO exhibitions, Sketch! And on what sounds like a wonderful experience coming up in Spain. Hablas español?