Sunday, November 16, 2008

No Minors

no minors b
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I went to Life Drawing in Kelowna yesterday with CT, and she ended up coming back to Apex with me for the night. Greg's away, and it was really nice to have the company. There are still just a handful of people up here - pre season. We ate, drank wine and told each other stories all night. Today we went for a wander and found (of course) a great sketching spot. I sketched this; she sketched me in my giant parka sketching this. Wish I had her drawing to post here, but it wasn't finished. She's just headed back to K-town, and I here on hermit hill. There's still some unpacking to do, but I doubt that's going to make it onto my priority list for the evening.Here are our sketches from life drawing yesterday. There was an open house going on at the Rotary Centre, so our model was draped. These stripes posed and interesting challenge. They kind of worked as contour lines on her body. Fun.

My sketch is the one with the stripes.  The other is CT's.

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