Friday, November 7, 2008

timmy's window

timmy's a
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Sat in the Bellevue Cafe in Penticton and sketched this today. It's interesting with this road between our two cities out of commission. So much of our day to day experience now revolves around where we are; where we aren't and what we need or want that's on the other side. End of the work week, and we got in the Jeep and drove down to Princeton, had dinner, then drove up the Coqu to Peachland and into Kelowna. Total trip time? Just over 4 hours. Not bad for a road trip, but as a commute between home and the office it's a bit excessive. We'll load up the Jeep with what we need for the next week and head back up the hill on Sunday. Somewhere in this back and forthing I need to clear enough stuff out of the Kelowna apartment for my parents to be able to move in comfortably. I'm so looking forward to having them closer (well, it'll be closer once the road re-opens). I miss them.


Sandy said...

Cool sketch, and I like your Page A and Page B layouts!! Good luck waiting for that road to open!

Rob Carey said...

Wonderful sketch from the window. Love the composition and colors.