Saturday, July 3, 2010

Scene Of The Crime

For those of you who followed us through the 'Yogi vs. The Waterfall' ordeal, here's a look at the chain of events:

Scene One - Dog sees water just off the edge of the trail and decides to go down for a dip

Dog gets sucked under the trail (dog-mom oblivious to this)

Comes out the other side (uh-oh)

And over the edge

down to the rocks 20 something feet below

and swept down the creek.  He was found over a kilometer from here, broken and bloodied.

Remember these?

And now we're fine: happy, not afraid of water.  The only change in him is that he's become even more of an attention hound.  He recognizes the sound of sympathy from 20 yards away.  As soon as he hears an "Aw, poor puppy!", he rushes towards it for an attention bath.  He'll be sad to see the cast come off.


Sue Van Etten said...

Yogi, Yogi, Yogi. What you put your mom through! So glad you're back in the pink, though.

travelingsuep said...

Oh my. Seeing the photos makes the whole thing even more horrific. Thankfully Yogi looks well now. I look forward to new sketches of him bouncing around, without his cast.

Serena said...

Those pictures really put into perspective what poor Yogi endured...poor baby ~