Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Writing an Artist's Statement

I've been working away on my Artist's Statement these past couple of days, and guess what, it's hard work!  I found a great online guide  that I thought I'd share with anyone going through the same pain at the same time.  Here's the link:

How To Write An Artist's Statement - Molly Gordon

Molly Gordon is a small business coach for 'reluctant entrepreneurs'.  She puts out an eZine called 'Authentic Promotion' that can have some good info in it for artists and other creative professionals.

Thanks Molly for the guide to writing an Artist's Statement.  Your questions are good; they get the brain rolling, and it was actually fun to follow the steps.  My statement isn't finished, but at least it's started now!  I've 'Filled the Pot', and now I'm 'Simmering the Stew' (it's in the guide).

Hope that helps.


Molly Gordon, self-employment coach said...

I'm so glad you found the Artist's Statement guide useful, Carol. Thank you for sharing it with other artists.

Thea said...

Thanks for this, Carol!
I've been dogging the artist statement thing for so long now...finally might take a swing at it!

Thea said...

hmmm, meant "dodging" of course...;-)

Katherine Tyrrell said...

You might find my website - which highlights Molly's work as well as that of other peole offering advice - to also be useful

See How to write an Artist's Statement - Resources for Artists