Tuesday, July 6, 2010

'Morning Honey' and 'Guitar Heads'

'Morning Honey'
Acrylic 12x12

I'm heading to Wells for the Toni Onley Artist's Project in 9 days!!  I'm so excited.  My plan for the project is to make a sketchbook, fill it with local scenes, and then rework them in the studio in acrylic.  I've been working on some at home in preparation.  I want to make some of the mistakes I'll make here in private - get them out of the way before I get there.

I'm never sure when these things are finished.  I just paint til I stop.  This is from this sketch I did on Sketchcrawl day in May.  I just realized that the scan cut off the big O on the tree in the upper left hand corner.  My 13x17" scanner, it turns out, is really an 11.5x15" scanner.  Those little rascals at Brother.  Oh well.

'Guitar Heads'
Acrylic 12x16

This one is from one of my 'Every Day In May' sketches.  Original here.  Border is cut off, but looks cool on the orig.


Sue Van Etten said...

Very cool.

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

They are both very cool... and you amuse me saying you're doing these in private... nobody look... kay ....LOL

Sketchalina said...

What, you mean there are other people here?! ;-)