Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day 2: Draw a Lamp

Day 2 of the 'Every Day In May' Challenge.   Turns out these crayons are bloody time consuming.  What would take a moment with a wash and a fat brush takes ages, sitting and scribbling layers of colour, listening to the tv and guessing at the plot twists without looking up to see who's who.  I drew this listening to some twisty turny cop mystery.  Greg is doing his favorite post-dinner activity; sleeping in front of a movie.  We're rarely through the opening credits before he's out.  And me?  Not a fan of police murder mysteries, but it's background, and the dark, edgy music is lending itself to my dark, edgy background here.  

Love this lamp.  It's moved with me multiple times now.  It's 'on the team'; a keeper.

Here's the 'colouring book' version of the lamp.  I'm having fun with these.  Thanks, Liz, for inspiring me to do this.

Check out Liz's wonderful blog, The Sketching Adventures of Liz Steel and Boromini Bear.  Love it!

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Liz Steel said...

so glad that you have joined the party and loving your sketches!