Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wedding Book

I made this little book for my friend Johanna's wedding to the lovely Tom yesterday.  It's made of watercolour paper, 18 pages inside, some of which flip open to make a three panel spread.  It's about 7 1/2 inches square and has a nifty folding closure that is fastened with rich burgundy hemp.  I wrote out quotes about marriage on the edges of several of the pages inside.  My camera battery was dead-deady-dead, so we had to grab a couple of pictures of it with Greg's phone before we gave it to it's new owners.  Poor photos, but I think you get the idea.  I hope she fills it up with lots of notes, sketches, keepsakes and photos of their life together.

I really like the way the little spine on the closure allows room to put a title on a sketchbook that can be read when they're stacked on a shelf.  I'm constantly looking through reams of identical black coil bound books for something.  My idea is to make one hardcover folder, then use these little inserts inside.  When it's full, I can take it out of the folder, paint and decorate it's cover and spine, insert another one of these and keep going.

They're smallish, so they could be easily filled up in one trip.  I'm using 140 lb watercolour paper.  On this one I used binding thread, but I think I'm liking them bound with coloured hemp more.  They'd be good trip journals, wine touring notebooks, garden journals, that kind of thing.  I'm going to make up a handful of them for my workshop next weekend (Saturday, 1-4, Penticton Art Gallery, part of a two Saturday thing) and see how they go over.


wawos said...

Compliments for your blog@works.

Very nice!

Marjolaine Hébert said... have such talent with watercolour. What beautiful works I see here!!
Very impressive...

Speck said...

>I'm constantly looking through reams of identical black coil bound books for something.

Here's an idea to remedy that. I made a book jacket/dust cover for my 6x6 spiral bound sketchbook from a large, used Tyvek envelope. Tyvek can be decorated with ink or paint and best of all, labeled. The coils are covered and don't get tangled up with the neighboring books.

For larger books old envelopes would have to be cobbled together with a heavy-duty adhesive like PVA. Tyvek is available in larger sheets but that might be cost prohibitive.

Sketchalina said...

Thanks Marjolaine, and thanks Speck for the cover idea. I'm starting to make covers for these little journals right now out of old mat board and adhesive vinyl, but I hadn't thought of doing anything with my existing journals. This is a good idea, thanks!

moez said...'s a good idea!like it..