Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Great Austini

Day 19: Draw Something You Made.

I think I'm a creative person.  I had searched our house.  Other than 2-D things like paintings and lino cuts, the only thing I found here that I made was a very clunky gravy boat.  It would be charmingly naive, except I was well into adulthood when I made it. I wasn't feeling inspired.

But truly, the best thing I ever made was riding in the car with me, coming up from Vancouver for a little break from city life.  We visited Grandma and Grandpa on the way through.  Dad lit up when Austin came into the room.  It was so nice to see.  They went for a cruise around the neighbourhood, Aus walking and Dad on his scooter, while Mom, the nieces and I played a good ol' game of garbage rummy.  Then we feasted, as we always do there.  I'm so full now I hurt.  That's how those visits always end.  It's a good feeling.
Tomorrow is: Draw Something 'Dad'.  I'm so looking forward to it.  May have to start now.  That sounds like more fun than going to bed.

I did a portrait of Austin in chalk pastel for Christmas two years ago.  It's blogged here.  Funny, I like the quick crayola one better.

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Sandy said...

Oh My Lord you are so talented, and he is a Heavenly creation - I think I like the crayola better too - and that fabulous angle!! And sounds like a dad post here as well ;-) Good family memories. I love peeking into such fabulous "colorful" lives.