Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May EDM Challenge Day 4: Draw a Cup

The fun continues.  I notice my guitars keep sneaking into these drawings.  How will I tell them that they're not the subject of 'Draw a Musical Instrument' Day??

I sketched this yesterday morning, then headed off to work to hold our realtor event that I've been prepping for.  All went well.  We had a good turn out, food was eaten, views were absorbed, materials taken, and follow-up planned.  It went pretty much exactly as I'd hoped.

Afterwards, Mary-Ellen invited me to a fashion show at the Lakeside. It was beautiful.  It was a triubute to the amazing Sharon Amos, who passed away a few months ago.  Her two gorgeous daughters, one a hair stylist and the other a fashion retailer, stylist and glamazon, put together this amazing event.  It was all retro fashions, shown in a very dream-like way, with models working the very long runway in a sort of floaty-drifty fashion, with great hair, cool parasols, and awesome music. It was also very cool to see so many of the Penticton women out in their 'city' duds.  Loved it.  Great job girls; your mom would be proud.

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alissa4102 said...

I really like the green-ness of the cup and the lovely story of your daily ritual. It was very soothing to read about it. You are very fortunate to have a tea bought to you.

I will be looking out for guitars or other musical instruments inall of your EDM in Mat challenges now! I am sure that they will take over more on some days than others