Monday, May 17, 2010

Flute Music and Ear Candles

Ah, memories.  I played the flute a little in elementary school.  It didn't last long, but a flute was purchased and we hung onto it.  When I was expecting Austin, my dad dug it out, had it refurbished, and gave it to me as a gift.  I took a few lessons, but we lived in a cramped apartment with lots of neighbours - not the best time to learn an instrument.  After our flautist in the woods experience, both Austin and I took it up in earnest.  We had a good teacher, and we played a few duets, his flute with a bent head joint so his little fingers could reach the keys.  I got almost proficient, good enough to play with the Whistler Chamber Music Group while we lived in the region.  But of course, life got busy and they were put aside.  I pulled mine out yet again when I moved to Penticton, joining the flute choir here.  I finally played it enough to enjoy the sounds I was making.  I bought Greg a clarinet for Christmas one year, since he's often boasted about how they cut an album (yes, we're that old) when he was in Junior High Band.  It mostly stays in the box, and my musical interests are usually expressed on my guitar now, stomping around the living room like it's a stage, singing my heart out and having an all 'round good time.  But now that this is out of the box again, who knows?!


Johanna said...

This is a great drawing! I too played the flute, I played for about ten years in school, and then I let it go. Now I'm thinking of getting a flute stand so that I can keep it out, maybe I'll play a little every now and then for the kids is my thought. Maybe.

Anyway, thanks for sharing!

Sketchalina said...

Thanks Johanna. I hope you do get one. I'm so glad I still have mine, even though it doesn't get used much.

Sandy said...

Great to have such musical memories and yes I too remember albums (they are coming back too as the sound is cleaner and truer) This flute is gorgeous! and you are obviously quite talented.

Arnold said...

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