Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Colouring Book/EDM Challenge - Day 1: Shoes

  Thought I'd join in the 'May Madness' and draw the first 31 EDM challenges, one each day. I did this in Crayola crayons. I did the black line, colouring book version first, scanned, and then coloured it in like the good old preschool days. We were talking at dinner the other night about colouring books for grown-ups. I think that's what inspired me. I started out by cutting out paper to make a 31 page colouring book, totally forgetting that the black felt pen would soak through each page and the back side (and in my case the next page or two underneath) would be rendered useless. I'm so used to using good, thick watercolour paper in all my sketchbooks. Oh well, I can do these separately and stick them all together later. My intention is to stick with it for the month. Let's see how I do!


Liz Steel said...

Excellent! Glad you are joining. Love these shoes!

rrARTz said...

i love those shoes and would so wear them! what a beautiful drawing! great colors!!!!

Sketchalina said...

Thank you fellow shoe lovers. Liz, I mentioned your blog in my next post. Hope you don't mind. Thank you so much for inspiring me to start this challenge. So far, so fun!