Monday, May 17, 2010

Lion Drawing

This drawing is for tomorrow, but I couldn't wait.  I'm supposed to be on a Vancouver run, and I didn't want to fall behind again with this May drawing challenge.

This deck is such a sanctuary.  This is where my early riser hangs out every morning while I'm still sleeping.  There are a million great views with every fractional turn of the head, but this is what I see when I sit in the comfiest chair.  Most mornings it is a sheet of glass with the view repeating itself perfectly in the lake.  This morning is a little cloudy with a steady ripple, but it's nice enough for us.

I used my own advice (it's in my book) and drew the thing that can move first.  While I was doing the rest of the drawing, Yogi was in about 15 different positions.

"Lie down like you were, or you'll end up as a line drawing".

"I think I would like to be a lion" he replied.

"No, not a lion, a line.   Line drawing.".

"Oh" he sighed, and resumed his former position.


Anita Davies said...


Marthann's Musings said...

Oh how wonderful and whimsical. Great work !!

Sandy said...

Wow what a gorgeous view, Yogi has the life!!

travelingsuep said...

Fantastic drawing.

I just love seeing where you live, wish I could see it for real, instead I'll wait for the next post.

...and you have a talking dog too, awesome.

Anonymous said...

What a view and what a great spot for your furry friend.

Janene said...

This is a great post and absolutely beautiful sketch.