Saturday, May 8, 2010

Day 8: Draw Your Watch

Day 8.  Still standing.  I started a different drawing for this challenge yesterday to get ahead of the curve, a sketch of my paper bead necklace, but it accidentally turned into a self portrait instead.  I put it aside and went to the First Friday event.  They had boxes of crayons and paper on all the tables.  More colouring.  Then I went painting all day today at the Plein Aire event.

I'm art-ed out.

I have a cramp in my art hand.


prettyartybuildings said...

Beautiful. Nice idea to show the different stages too.

Sandy said...

Crippled by her Art :-) too funny, but hey you had fun and cranked out a ton of art!!! Rest, and a glass of wine (held in the non-art hand) should do the trick.