Saturday, May 8, 2010

Penticton En Plein Aire: Elephant Island Winery

The Penticton Art Gallery held their annual En Plein Aire event today.  We all (about 20 of us artist types) were send out to the different wineries in the area to paint for the day.  Maps were made up for those who wanted to drive around and watch us in action.  All the works are then hung as a show in the gallery, and then auctioned off at the annual Starry Starry Night event.

Last year I painted the view from God's Mountain (here it is).  I know that I'm more comfy (and have more fun) staying on the sketchbook side of art.  I couldn't quite see putting a sketchbook in the show or having one go at auction, so I thought I'd do the next best thing and make my piece like a one page sketchbook adventure.  It was a gorgeous day.  My location was Elephant Island; a place I've painted before.  There were lots of good views to choose from.  I drove by there the other day and scouted locations; did a preliminary line drawing, so all I had to do today was paint.  This colouring book concept is like a weed, invading everything I'm doing!

Here's the line drawing:

I may make some adjustments to the painting before I hand it over.  The bottom garden sketch looks a bit blotchy, but I think I'll just live with it for a couple of days first; look at it with fresh eyes when we get back from Vancouver.

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Sandra said...

What a terrific composition. I'm enjoying your challenge pieces as well.