Monday, May 31, 2010


Day 31: Draw something you collect.  I have another rack up the hill that has another probably three times as many as shown here.  This is a bit rushed and wonky (no, the bottles weren't really changing size, and no I'm not drunk), but it's done.  They don't call it a challenge for nothin'!  I started this May Challenge after seeing a post from Borromini Bear on May 1st. I happened to have crayons handy, and so with no planning or forethought I found myself hanging in there, every day, drawing the things on the list.  What did I get out of it?

  • a rekindled love for crayolas
  • a new appreciation for the group of artists with whom I shared this trek 
  • a daily habit
  • a sense of accomplishment
  • 31 new drawings


Alissa said...

Congratulations! It's been an exciting 31 days to share with everyone. I am inspired to go and paint my toenails !!

travelingsuep said...

Congratulations on reaching the end of the challenge. You have such a fantastic set of drawings.

Like Alissa I think I should paint my toenails then paint them on paper :D

Sketchalina said...

Thanks Alissa/Sue. It feels great to have finished what I started, and on time. I should call my old college professors and tell them. They won't believe it. After 31 days of painting everyday, I think the only thing I'm painting today is my toenails today too.

Spinneretta said...

I only paint my toes ever too :) Well- my DH does! I have a bunch of nail polishes too!

Great sketch!!

Sketchalina said...

He paints them for you? I'm telling mine. Hopefully he won't want to be outdone!

Spinneretta said...

Yup, he is far better at painting them than I am LOL. It's like getting a pedicure- at home :)

Margaret Ann said...

Kudoes to you for finishing the challenge... I totally wimped out after 4 illos...Love the use of crayhons...welldone!!! :)