Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 3: Draw a Wallet, Purse or Bag

Day Three - I'm going to have to go with lighter backgrounds, or splurge on another black crayon soon.

It's funny how much colouring with crayons is stimulating my memory bank - and not just about times in the past when I was colouring.  I find myself scribbling away and having the strangest things come back to me; trips I've taken, people I've known.  It's an interesting type of meditation.

I did have about one billion handbags.  A couple of years ago I wrote an article for the paper on excess consumerism called 'Play With the Toys You've Already Got'.  Made me look at my own 'stuff' in a whole new light.  I'd still rate pretty high on a 'stimulating the economy' scale, but I no longer have the need (or the energy) to transport wallet, keys, cell phone, three lip glosses, handfuls of receipts I'll lose before I ever give to my accountant and various and sundry other goodies from bag to bag to better reflect my fashion mood of the moment.

 Or maybe I just upgraded to better bags.

Here's the black and whitey.  Feel free to download
and do a little colouring of your own.


Liz Steel said...

great sketch and I like the handbag. I agree that I hate having to do the handbag swap all the time!

Serena said...

Wonderful sketch! I found a great bag recently but I still need to down-size the amount of things I think I need to carry because my poor shoulder always pays for it. I marvel at women who can go out with a small purse-sized bag just big enough to hold their mobile phone, keys and wallet.