Sunday, May 23, 2010

Not A Good Day To Be A Dog

Day 23: Draw your foot (or someone else's).

I'd planned to draw mine, or Greg's, but our day took a sad and near tragic foot-related turn.  Our water loving boy wandered out of sight, jumped in the creek, and was swept over the falls.  He traveled a long way down a cold and angry creek, until a stranger heard his cries, searched through the woods, and waded into the strong current to rescue him.  His foot is seriously broken, and he's all cut up, toenails worn off from struggling against the rock, but alive.  Thank God.  And the stranger.  And our dog walker Linda who knew who's dog he was and where to find me.  And Dr. Rob and Mary-Ellen who came to the hospital with me, and of course Dr. Harvey and the x-ray tech who raced in on a long weekend and took such good care of him.  He's overnighting there.

Other dogs have gone over the falls there who didn't fare so well.  I'm just so thankful he's alive.  He was such a brave boy.  Hardly whimpered once we'd settled him down (and not at all after they gave him the magic juice).  He wagged everytime someone new came in and said hi to him.  Friendly boy through and through.

Have a good sleep Yogi.  We'll see you in the morning.


Marjolaine H├ębert said...

O, how sad. There's a special dog in my life also, who has a very adventurous mind!! Oy..good luck to Yogi.

a turnstile mind said...

Poor Yogi,
What a frightening adventure he had! And poor mum and dad - fretful for you guys too!
Here is hoping that his enthusiasm for life shows itself in healing him as quickly as possible!

The Journal Challenge said...

Your post shocked me...I really believed that something terrible happened. I have a dog as well and I know how fast he gets a family member. I hope Yogi will be fine soon and that after this incident he will be as happy as he was before (maybe a little more careful).
Wish you many many happy years to come with this fellow.

Serena said...

OH, what a scary thing to happen! I'm so glad that Yogi is okay and how kind that a stranger waded in to rescue brings tears to my eyes. I'm such a sap when it comes to animals. I hope Yogi won't be quite as adventurous next time, poor thing.

Marthann's Musings said...

Oh I hope Yogi gets along alright. I work in a Pet Store, with a Vet office included, so I know how tragic some of these stories can be. Glad he made it. Beautiful painting and drawing. Must have been bittersweet to do.

Sketchalina said...

Thank you everyone for your well wishes. I'm heading down to see him at 9:30. I'll pass them along to him.

It was actually very therapeutic to sit and draw last night. There might be a tear or two on that paper (I'm a big baby), but it made me feel better.

Sandy said...

Oh Poor Yogi !! What horror, I almost lost a dog in a swift river several years ago. Soooooo glad it is turning out well, poor sweet baby, Great sketch - keep us posted!!!!

travelingsuep said...

Oh my poor Yogi. I wish him a speedy recovery.

Great pic - I'm sure I wouldn't be able to draw if it happened to me.

Felicity said...

OMG, what a terrifying experience for you all! I'm so glad your dear Yogi is pulling through now. I hope he has a full and speedy recovery.