Monday, May 24, 2010

Sketchbook Adventure Journals!

I've been on a journal-making binge.  I love these little ones.  They are:

  • 7 1/2 inches square
  • 140 lb watercolour paper
  • hand stitched with fine hemp twine
  • double folded closing flap to create a spine on the front edge
  • 18 pages (counting both sides and flaps)
  • several pages fold out to create a 22" landscape 

They're just the right size to fit in my paint bag.  I love the fold-outs, allowing some more ambitious landscape moments if I need them, but keeping the book size small.  The spine on the closure will allow me to do up fun titles for them when they're complete that'll be readable when they're lined up on the shelf.  

Can't wait to see how this will look all painted up!

I made a bunch of them yesterday, using blue, purple, wine and wheat coloured hemp, then filling the journal letters in to match.  I'm heading back to Opus to get some sheets of drawing paper too, so I can pack some up with boxes of crayons and give them as gifts.  Just spreadin' the journal bug :-)

Yogi update for those of you who've been reading - He's doing Ok.  We went in this morning and laid on the floor of the animal hospital for awhile, sticking our heads in his big plastic cone so we could whisper nice things to him while we scratched his ears.  Every time he tried to wag his big tail the blanket thumped up and down.   It was pretty cute.  I saw the X-ray today.  He broke a bone clear through, and very close to the joint.  Looks like we'll probably have to go the surgery route.  They haven't been able to splint it, and can't cast it either since his skin is too roughed up to be encased in plaster.  I've a feeling he's about to become a very expensive dog.  


Marthann's Musings said...

OHHH so sorry for your poor doggie. Hope he is better soon. Love your little books. Might have to try that sometime.
Have a good week

Sketchalina said...

Thanks Marthann. The books are pretty easy to make. I may try putting together a little 'how-to' video.
I'll post it here if I do. Cheers, Carol

Serena said...

Wonderful sketch journals. I've made a few journals but I've had my first watercolour journal sitting with signatures at the ready to start sewing but, for some reason, that's as far as I've gotten. I think I'm afraid of wrecking it. lol

Poor Yogi....I hope the surgery doesn't work out too expensive but I'm sure he is worth every cent.

Yasemin said...

Lovely journals! Can't wait to see with how lovely sketckes you'll fill them :)

I didn't know about Yogi :( Soooo sorry for him. I have an expensive dog too(a golden retriever and he is very allergic). But that's money for... to stay healthy and happy. Hope he gets well soon.