Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day 5: A Bed

Ok, truth be told, this sketch is a bit of a cheat.  My current bed is a large white square against a blank white wall.  It is the most comfortable bed ever, but not very exciting to draw.  I took out on old sketch of my bed in Collingwood and re-drew it for today's challenge.  I actually was at M&D's house, where the bed now lives, so I was able to look at the original while sketching the details.

I loved this house.  Once in a while I pine for the old house on Pine Street.  I remember listening to 'Love Me Tender' stream uninterrupted through the old single pane of glass in this window late into the night during the annual Elvis festival.  I remember all the intricate tile and woodwork on the fireplace surrounds.  I remember how the floors looked after I had the old carpet ripped out and all the layers of the years hand scrapped and sanded off to reveal the old wood below.

I forget how the furnace died the day I moved in (in February), how not just music but every gust of wind slipped unhindered through the hundred year old windows.  How, if I added up what I spent reno-ing and subtracted that from what I sold it for, it would almost equal what I paid for it.  Old houses.  You have to love them.  There's no other way they make sense.

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Sandy said...

A lovely memory of days gone by to accompany this lovely sketch, The bed looks so comfy and probably creaks a bit too, I have such fond old house memories as well. That is what illustrated journaling does for us - this memory is preserved forever on the page.