Friday, May 28, 2010

Return of the Cone Heads

Wow, only three more of these 'Every Day in May' drawings to go.  I almost want to just crank through them right now and be done.

We've been stepping over the boobie-dog and his giant cone head for two days now.  He lays in the most central thoroughfare he can find and gives a couple of wags each time we pass by.  When he eats he places the cone over his bowl, making perfect contact with the floor, and eats inside his own personal dome.  I knew when he tried to take off after a marmot today up at my work that he's on the mend.

I've been spread out on our dining table with my crayons 'Every Day in May'.  It's kind of taken over our living space.  I had a little studio up until recently, but the space is being converted into a daycare and we had to move our stuff out.  Now I'm setting my art gear up in the second bedroom here.  I think I'll use it more this way anyways.  I'm having fun unpacking and setting up.  There are all kinds of goodies in these boxes - yet to be used.  Fun times ahead.


travelingsuep said...

I'm so pleased Yogi is on the mend. This is a great sketch of him, but I look forward to seeing a sketch of him cone and plaster free.

Serena said...

So glad to hear Yogi is on the mend and doing well. Great sketch of him!