Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 14: Draw the first thing you see in the morning

I wanted a dog for sooo long before circumstances collided and made it possible.  I'm glad we waited.  We ended up with the perfect boy.  He makes life more fun. He's a good traveller, and he can be low maintenance when we need him to be.  He loves the water so much, we can't walk by a fountain without him wanting to jump in it.  He's just a big noodle head and we love him.

We've had him just over a year now.  We got him here.

I was thinking I'd better stop writing about how great Greg is, getting up, making me coffee, taking care of Yogi.  Some clever girl may read this and want to steal him.  Well, hey clever girl, back off, he's MINE!

There.  That ought to take care of that.

No line drawing this time.  I forgot to scan when the drawing part was finished.  Oops.


prettyartybuildings said...

beautiful :-)

Serena said...

So cute!

travelingsuep said...

Congratulations on catching up. Yogi is gorgeous and you have done a fabulous drawing of him.

travelingsuep said...
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