Friday, April 30, 2010

Pye and Besh Visit

Two of my all time favorite artist souls stopped in for a sleepover last night on their way across the country.  Pye and Besh are heading from their home in Newfoundland to visit Besh's family on Vancouver Island.  I got to know Pye and Besh when I was living in Collingwood, Ontario.  They came in on a timeshare presentation and I was the big bad closer.  It was instant love.  She is a FANTASTIC painter ( and he is a brilliant, revolutionary knife maker, among so many other things (

We had a big feast of a dinner.  Afterward, I noticed Pye eyeing up my box of crayola crayons, sniffing them, looking wistful, so we whipped out two big pads of paper and did crayon sketches of each other.  Fun!  That's my version of Pye at the top of the post, and her version of me here.  It was a total show-and-tell exchange of an evening, food, art, knives, business ideas.  Awesome.  I love you both!  I'm so glad you came, and that you had a chance to meet Greg.   Until the next time...

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