Friday, April 23, 2010

Thailand Sketchbook - Phuket (

Part of the Thailand Sketchbook.  More to come.  Thanks Ken and Janine for such a great trip!


Serena said...

Wonderful memories in sketches! My son is an 'ultimate fighter' and Muay Thai is one of the skills he learns. He wants to go back to Thailand later this year to do some more Muay Thai training.

I'm not a fan of rats either ~ :)

Sandy said...

What an adventure! and you are so Brave - rats, elephants and Snakes!! Yikes - you probably ate from street carts too???

Great pages, great memories, thanks for taking us along!

Sketchalina said...

That I did. Greg was horrified at what I'd eat. I love street food!

Margaret Ann said...

Wonderful pages...Love artistically "travelling" with you! :)